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The Challenge

Oxford International are providers of high-quality education and services that aim to and enable success for a diverse mix of junior and adult learners across the world. Their existing websites were difficult to navigate and possessed unclear branding and content which were failing to engage their diverse audience and enroll adults onto their courses. Their traffic are conversion rates were growing stagnant under their incumbent agency

The Solution

A fully redesigned and rebuilt the Oxford International Website. Built from the ground-up and incorporating a flexible CMS that allows the existence of multiple domains but maintains consistent U.X throughout. Our site-wide and analytic audit helped identify key areas of improvement towards increasing conversion rates and downloads of educational and helpful content.

The Results

We launched a total of three different websites, each with a distinctive redesign which positioning Oxford International as an industry leader. Our intuitive use of content inspires visitors, excites potential employees, and informs all key stakeholders & audience types.

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